Thursday, 18 September 2008

Uh oh it’s me again...

what can i say? um not alot yay. im having a rant about some ppl ie last nite whwn i went to the cinnie towatch eden lake... well anyhow the fim in a nut shell was ok, haha dunna mess with northeners! fuck off you yupitons!um not as much blood as id like but hey, well before the film starts (i hate ppl in cinnies they really get on my goat )these two old well middle aged women come sit in front of us( mind you the whole place was empty.. to be honest ive seen graveyards fuller)they ask mr Derek to move his feet.....not being one to back down he took his time moving his feet tho as he did the fat ugly one blurted out "how rude" as she pulled up her tubbie tree legs that she had squeezed her legs in to a pair of either fake uggs or cats, either way i couldnt tell the difference.tho she had complain about him she felt it was ok for her self to do so.then if things couldnt get worse or funner these old men had been looking around for there seat and came up to derek and said just as the film started "excuse me but your in my seat" hahaha oh well moving on to my work ive done some more stuff hope you like but pffft.i guess they could be used either for adverts or not i dunno bollocks ya'll

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