Friday, 22 August 2008

ive decided

..... That all fellow cool artists before me ive decided to take a leaf out of their books and produce images of myself.
Vain? do i hear you say well yes ..maybe but i have so many images of me it helps me practice and that face i have a weird face helps me develope this style im doing so thats wot u say :) plus it keeps my hands free from carrying round alarge bottle of diet coke which i have had a long long time.... tho it hasnt go flat which im very excited about. *beams*

oh yeah watch LA ink, i shouldnt it makes me want another tattoo... (which is gonna happen)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

ive been bored alot and well what can i say un inspired reasons too deep to go into plus im not one of those kids who love to write their life upon these things anyhow once again im doing the whole pin up girl thing... maybe it will take me some were? i hoping thre getting better but i can never tell. its not the only thing i do for all you haters! i just dont have a scanner at the mo!

infact ive changed the subject and im doing shoes. i love shoes and well its whats got me noticed so im gonna carry on till i cry....and im telling you that will be very soon!i havent really finished it yet but someday i will

oh lucky me i got some sailor jerry's rum.WICKED!