Friday, 22 August 2008

ive decided

..... That all fellow cool artists before me ive decided to take a leaf out of their books and produce images of myself.
Vain? do i hear you say well yes ..maybe but i have so many images of me it helps me practice and that face i have a weird face helps me develope this style im doing so thats wot u say :) plus it keeps my hands free from carrying round alarge bottle of diet coke which i have had a long long time.... tho it hasnt go flat which im very excited about. *beams*

oh yeah watch LA ink, i shouldnt it makes me want another tattoo... (which is gonna happen)


S A M said...

I'm reaaaally enjoying the last one.
(who's that supposed to be eh?)

Jack said...

Holly these have turned out awesome!
My fav is the last one too.